Car Accident Injury

Car Accident Injury

How Chiropractic Care Treats Auto Accident Injuries

Are you experiencing back pain or neck pain following a car accident injury? Chronic pain can have a serious impact on your quality of life. Worse, this pain will not just ‘go away’ with time. In fact, without effective alternative treatment, pain from a car accident injury can actually worsen. Chiropractic care is an effective alternative treatment for managing chronic back pain and neck pain, including pain from whiplash injuries. By targeting the root cause for your pain, chiropractic care not only relieves your pain symptoms, but also supports your body’s natural healing process after injury.

Real Pain Relief from Whiplash & Car Accident Injuries

Whiplash is one of the most common auto accident injuries. You do not need to be in a serious car accident to suffer whiplash pain. This injury can occur at speeds as slow as 5mph; all it takes is a minor fender bender to knock the cervical spine out of alignment. The force of a rear-impact injury can whip the neck backwards and forwards, causing the misalignment. Once the neck is out of alignment, you may experience neck pain, headaches at the base of the skull, and pain turning the head from side to side. You may also have difficulty sleeping at night and concentrating on simple work tasks.

Our chiropractor is experienced in treating whiplash injuries and their symptoms, including headaches and neck soreness/stiffness. Chiropractic adjustments target the underlying spinal misalignment that is triggering your neck pain. As along as the misalignment causes the nerves to be compressed, your pain will continue. Adjustments bring proper alignment back to the spine and alleviate this nerve compression for long-lasting pain relief. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, you may also benefit from corrective exercises and physiotherapy. These exercises help to restore a full range of mobility to the neck without aggravating the underlying injury.

Chiropractic care is an effective treatment option because it focuses on the underlying injury rather than relying on pain medication to relieve your pain. Drugs are limited in their effectiveness; once the medication wears off, the pain will return. By targeting the root cause for your pain, chiropractic adjustments correct the nerve compression that is triggering your pain and reducing your mobility. Most importantly, our corrective exercises also bring a full range of mobility back to your body.

If you have recently been in a car accident, we advise you to visit our chiropractor for a diagnostic exam before settling with your insurance company. Prematurely settling with your insurance before the full state of your injuries are known could mean you are later denied full reimbursement for your injuries. Our chiropractor has substantial experience working with insurance companies to ensure you receive fair and full compensation for your injuries. Our chiropractor will then create a custom treatment program to address these injuries and relieve your pain.

Don’t let a car accident injury lead to months or years of pain. Contact our chiropractor today at 718-356-9222 to schedule your diagnostic appointment!