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Many people do not like the idea of having these conditions treated with invasive major surgery, or of becoming dependent on painkilling drugs. If you have a sports injury, chronic illness, or other painful conditions, acupuncture in Staten Island could be the safe, non-invasive treatment you've been looking for - and we offer it here at Touch Stone Rehabilitation & Health Center.

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) sponsors research projects that are studying the effectiveness of acupuncture in alleviating many kinds of pain. Recent NCCAM research shows, for example, that acupuncture can help alleviate chronic low-back pain and osteoarthritis of the knee.

Many of our patients in Staten Island have one of these goals in mind when they ask our acupuncturist for help: relief from chronic pain.

Acupuncture Treatments in Staten Island

Today's busy Staten Island lifestyle presents a variety of threats to your musculoskeletal health. If your job requires continuous repetitive motion or heavy labor, you face a risk of work-related injuries ranging from back pain and ruptured discs to carpal tunnel syndrome. If you like to play hard as well as work hard, you may suffer a sports injury that puts you out of action until the injury can heal completely.

This form of healing boasts a lineage dating back thousands of years. Ancient Chinese acupuncturists believed that the body's health depends on life energy called "qi." Any ailments that blocked the normal flow of "qi" energy led to pain and sickness. To restore this energy flow, they mapped out hundreds of individual points on the human body called "meridians." By inserting fine needles into the right combination of these meridians, a number of ailments could be addressed as the needles redirected the "qi" to its normal flow.

Acupuncture continues to demonstrate its effectiveness at reducing pain and helping to restore physical function. The modern theory holds that the meridians correspond to points in the central nervous system and that the insertion of the needles stimulates the release of natural pain-relieving substances.

This time-tested technique also stimulates the immune system and circulation to speed healing of work-related injuries or a sports injury, help the body fight infection, reduce the buildup of inflammatory substances that cause pain, and promote general wellness and disease resistance. Its ability to relieve low back pain, osteoarthritis symptoms, and numerous other musculoskeletal issues makes it a smart complement to chiropractic care.

Prenatal Acupuncture

We recommend regular acupuncture during pregnancy because it can build a healthy foundation for both mother and baby. Studies have shown that women who receive acupuncture during pregnancy often have an easier, shorter labor and birth experience than women who don't receive acupuncture.

If you need acupuncture for weight loss, to stop smoking, or for chronic pain in your neck, lower back, middle back, headaches, knees, shoulders, ankles, feet, hands, elbows, or wrists, make an appointment with our acupuncturist.

Our Licensed Acupuncturist

Our Licensed Acupuncturist works hand in hand with our Staten Island chiropractor. Dr. DiMaggio, and the rest of our holistic medicine team to offer "whole-body healing." The right combination of acupuncture, spinal adjustment, massage, and physical therapy can prove highly effective against a wide range of chronic ailments and acute problems.

You are not likely to feel any discomfort from the tiny needles we use, and you may come out of your very first sessions feeling relaxed, energized, and with reduced pain, though multiple sessions are usually required for the full effect. If you suffer back pain or other symptoms from work-related injuries or an aggravating sports injury - or if you would just like to maintain your wellness - contact our Staten Island clinic at (718) 356-9222 to learn more and request an appointment.


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