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Chiropractic Staten Island NY Sports Injury

When a sports injury in Staten Island occurs, it's natural to be frustrated with our bodies and feel overwhelmed by pain. Whether you are an avid athlete or just enjoy running on the weekends, a sports injury can keep you from living your life to the fullest. At Touch Stone Rehabilitation & Health Center, we are committed to getting you off the sidelines and back in the game.

Sports Injury Relief in Staten Island

Staten Island sports injury patients choose our rehabilitation and health center because of our whole-body approach to wellness. Our comprehensive treatment plans focus on correcting the underlying cause for your injury and provide long-lasting pain relief. Our sports injury chiropractor, Dr. Angelo DiMaggio provides chiropractic adjustment, physical therapy, and massage therapy treatments for a shoulder, ankle, elbow, knee, and back injuries.

One of the most common sports injuries is a strain or sprain to the soft tissues, such as muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the ankle. Simply landing on your foot the wrong way while running can cause an ankle sprain which damages the ligaments. Immediate rest, ice, compression, and elevation are critical to reducing swelling and loss of motion. It is also essential to correct the underlying cause of this injury.

Sports Injury Treatments

While the sports injury itself may be an accident, an underlying misalignment in the foot or knee, or damage to the surrounding soft tissue, may predispose the body for future injury and hinder recovery. A full diagnostic evaluation and X-rays can determine the actual injury cause. Our chiropractor uses the Active Release Technique to adjust the supporting muscles and ligaments. We also use physical therapy treatments, such as cold laser therapy, to decrease pain and inflammation and accelerate the healing process. Corrective exercises can strengthen the ankle and help restore a full range of movement to the body.

A common sports injury complaint is a tennis elbow or golfer's elbow, a condition known as lateral epicondylitis. This repetitive motion injury causes inflammation and tiny tears in the tendons that connect the forearm muscles to the elbow. Active myofascial release, massage therapy, and cold laser therapy can provide immediate pain relief and reduce inflammation. Depending on the severity of your condition, exercises to strengthen and stretch the muscle can be extremely effective.

A traumatic sports injury can cause a herniated disc in the back. This injury occurs when a disc slips out of alignment from the spine and compresses nearby nerves. Depending on which nerve is compressed, patients may experience pain in the shoulders, back, legs, and buttocks.

In fact, some patients experiencing shoulder or leg pain are surprised to learn that the actual cause of this problem is a herniated disc in the back. This is one reason why a full diagnostic exam is essential to determine the underlying cause of your sports injury. A chiropractic adjustment is a safe and non-invasive treatment for restoring alignment to the spine. Massage therapy can also reduce pain and speed the healing process.

Our sports injury chiropractor uses the latest chiropractic adjustment techniques, physical therapy, and massage treatments to successfully treat hundreds of Staten Island sports injury patients. Let us help you get active again today, call us at (718) 356-9222!


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