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After a personal injury in Staten Island, a car accident injury or work-related injuries, many patients struggle with basic movements. These injuries can compromise your range of motion, preventing your from living an active life. Rehabilitation treatment can help restore a full range of movement to the body, support the injury recovery process, and reduce the risk for future injury. Most importantly, our rehabilitation services help your body heal without the need for invasive surgery.

Rehabilitation Helps Injuries Heal Faster in Staten Island

Our Staten Island rehabilitation services are a natural complement to chiropractic care. Chiropractic adjustments correct the underlying mechanical misalignment that is triggering pain. Our rehab and corrective care exercises address the improper patterns of movement in the body that are a direct result of this mechanical misalignment. Together chiropractic care and rehab exercises support a healthy recovery process.

If you have sustained an injury, our rehabilitation physician will begin with testing services to properly diagnose the extent of your injury. Our Staten Island rehabilitation testing services include Range of Motion (ROM) testing, Nerve Conduction Testing (NCV), and Electromyogram (EMG). ROM testing helps to diagnose the body parts associated with back pain, headaches, sore shoulders, nighttime calf cramps, myofascial pain, and other post-injury pain conditions. Understanding where your body is experiencing a restricted range of movement - and consequently prone to pain - is essential to helping your body properly heal.

Type of Rehabilitation We Offer

  • Range Of Motion (ROM) Testing: helps diagnose and treat myofascial pain, back pain, night-time calf-cramps, headaches, sore shoulders, and other conditions.
  • Nerve Conduction Velocity (NCV): or Nerve Conduction Study (NCS) is a test used to diagnose nerve damage or destruction.
  • Electromyogram (EMG): a test that can detect abnormal electrical activity of muscles associated with many diseases and conditions.

How We Can Help

If your injury has triggered nerve damage, the NCV test will help diagnose the extent of nerve damage. Finally, our EMG testing helps detect abnormal electrical activity associated with common health problems. ROM, NCV, and EMG tests give a full picture of your current health. This information is critical to creating a customized treatment plan to help your body heal.

We offer a full range of rehabilitation exercises that are customized to each patient's individual recovery needs. For example, if you suffer from shoulder or neck pain after a whiplash injury, it may be difficult to turn from side to side or look up and down. Corrective exercises can help bring a natural range of motion back to your neck. For patients with leg pain, foot pain, or knee pain, work on strengthening the muscles and protecting the joints. We start with basic movements, like walking, and work towards jogging and running. Our strengthening exercises also incorporate balance, coordination, and flexibility.

Most importantly, we design an exercise program that is safe for the body recovering from an injury. Our team carefully supervises everything, you do not need to worry about aggravating an existing injury or causing further damage to your body. In fact, our rehab program will help protect your body against future injury by helping it properly heal. We also strengthen the core, which helps protect the spine against injury and supports proper posture.

If injury pain is holding your back from being active, our rehab exercises can make a significant difference for your health. Schedule your appointment today and call us at (718) 356-9222.


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