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Here at Touch Stone Rehabilitation & Health Center we believe in a holistic approach, with multiple healing modalities working hand in hand to improve every aspect of your health. That's why we offer yoga classes alongside other services such as chiropractic adjustment, acupuncture, massage therapy, nutritional counseling, and physical rehabilitation. The practice of yoga in Staten Island helps our patients improve their strength and flexibility, reduce stress, and enjoy a better overall physical function.

Understanding Yoga in Staten Island

Like many natural health and wellness practices, yoga has ancient roots, originating thousands of years ago in India. Over the centuries it has branched out into a wide variety of styles, but the basics of all yoga remain tied to an awareness of one's breathing and a set of basic poses and movements. Control over the breath brings both physical healing and mental relaxation.

Deep, regular breathing supplies your blood with plenty of oxygen, increasing your cells' ability to repair themselves and perform their essential tasks; at the same time, it quiets mental stresses and promotes a feeling of calmness and serenity. You may notice a significant difference in how you feel, and how you respond to stress, soon after beginning your study of yoga in Staten Island.

The musculoskeletal benefits of yoga make it a perfect complement to chiropractic treatment and preventative care. The poses are meant to be held for varying lengths of time, and many of them are named after the shapes they resemble (Bow, Half Moon, Triangle, Rabbit, Downward Facing Dog, et cetera). Holding the poses can build the muscles that support your body, especially the all-important core muscles of the lower abdomen and pelvis.

Many of the poses involve bending or twisting motions that improve flexibility and increase your range of motion. Increasing your strength and flexibility in our yoga classes can help relieve and/or prevent the chronic pain caused by tight muscles and faulty posture. If you suffer from back pain - probably the most frequent issue that sends people to chiropractors - you'll be delighted to know that our yoga classes include specialized exercises aimed at relieving your pain naturally and without drugs.

Improvements in Health

Once you begin our yoga classes in Staten Island, don't be surprised if you see a host of other improvements in your health as well. Yoga can improve blood flow and lymphatic circulation, nourishing your physical systems, and keeping your immune system in top shape. Yoga can also lower blood pressure and cortisol (stress hormone) levels, soothing anxieties, and improving everything from sleep quality to mental concentration. These benefits make yoga classes a smart part of any comprehensive natural wellness program.

If you are interested in attending a yoga class in Staten Island to combat back pain, limber up your joints, become stronger and more flexible, or just maintain a higher standard of health contact us today at (718) 356-9222. We will be happy to provide you with more information to get started!


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