Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Why Physical Therapy?

Patients who have suffered from an injury often use physical therapy to get back on track. Physical therapy focuses on controlled movements that stabilize and strengthen specific muscle groups. At Touchstone, our drug-free, hands-on approach will reduce pain and improve mobility naturally. Call us today to schedule an appointment and see what therapy is best for your overall needs.

Conditioning and Alignment

The body is designed to work as a whole unit, with individual muscles each pulling their own weight. When any part of your body is off kilter, it forces other areas of your body to work harder or causes you to loose mobility. In order to promote healing and avoid further injury, we work to address the initial cause of your injury or physical ailment and how it is affecting the rest of your body. Physical therapies may be combined with alignment, massage therapy or other therapies that help get the body back in sync.

Physical Therapy

The most common form of physical therapy consists of stretching and light exercise regimens designed to improve muscle strength, joint stability and flexibility. Physical therapy may be used for patients struggling with an old injury, suffering from a new injury or simply losing strength and mobility from aging. Physical therapy sessions will be specifically designed to address your personal situation and needs.

Stretching and exercise can also be used to prevent injuries from occurring. Many of our patients, from athletes to elderly adults, use stretching techniques to become more limber or break up scar tissue to prevent injury from overly tight muscles and ligaments. Our full on-site gym enables our patients to improve health and muscle tone with workouts targeting problem areas.

Cold Laser Therapy

A low-intensity laser can be used to reduce the pain and inflammation of joints and muscles. This non-invasive treatment is painless and requires no healing time after treatment. The laser works above the skin to penetrate the soft tissue and promote cell regeneration and blood flow for healing. This therapy is most commonly used for patients suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and margin.

Ultrasound Therapy

Using high-energy sound waves, ultrasound therapy reduces the pain of stiff or frozen joints. This therapy is very helpful for patients with soft tissue injuries. Sore joints, muscle strains and tendons are soothed with the deep, relaxing heat. Patients with sprains, bursitis, osteoarthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome and myofascial pain find great relief with this treatment method.

Hot and Cold Therapy

Your chiropractor will often recommend hot or cold pack therapy to help reduce swelling and speed healing. Cold packs are most often used to numb pain and reduce inflammation. Heat packs are helpful for loosening muscles and increasing blood flow.

Sports injuries often benefit from hot and cold pack therapy within the first 48 hours. Most injuries are easier to treat when they are attended to by a professional right away. As your Staten Island professional chiropractic center, we will work to provide you with caring and insightful treatments that improve your overall wellbeing without medications or invasive procedures. Call 718-356-9222 to schedule an appointment with our physical therapist.